Wildlife Chiefs Committee

Statement of Purpose

The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) has historically afforded the administrative leads for the sections of member agencies that are responsible for terrestrial wildlife management to meet in conjunction with WAFWA.  This group was called the Wildlife Chiefs and would annually discuss policy, biology, and environmental influences affecting terrestrial wildlife management throughout the West.  Although the Wildlife Chiefs would report to the Executive Committee about their meetings, the Wildlife Chiefs were not recognized as a formal committee under the auspices of WAFWA.  During summer 2018, the Wildlife Chiefs requested formal committee status, and the Director's granted this request during winter 2019.  In the formal role as a standing committee, the Wildlife Chiefs can now report on important aspects of their meetings directly through the business meeting and address all Directors in this fashion.  The Wildlife Chiefs will meet as an official committee for the first time in summer 2019.

Vacant - Chair