Join us as an Exhibitor or Sponsor

On behalf of the Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, we invite you to participate as a sponsor or exhibitor at our Summer Meeting.

Information about participating in the 2021 event will be posted here in January; please check back for updates.

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WAFWA: Who We Are
The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) is a regional association of state and provincial fish and wildlife agencies representing 23 states and Canadian provinces, an area encompassing 3.7 million square miles of some of North America’s most wild and scenic country, inhabited by over 1,500 premier wildlife species.  WAFWA has been representing Member Fish and Wildlife Agencies Since 1922.  

WAFWA’s mission is to deliver conservation through information exchange and working partnerships. By working together, the fish and wildlife resources of the West and the habitat upon which those resources depend will be protected and enhanced so that future generations can enjoy our natural heritage.  


Sponsorship and Exhibition Policy and Guidelines

The Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ (the Association’s) objectives – as set forth in its Constitution and Bylaws -  are (a) to protect the right of jurisdiction of the western states over their wildlife resources on public and private lands; (b) to scrutinize carefully state and federal wildlife legislation and regulations and to offer opposition to or support for legislative proposals or federal regulations that are deemed necessary to the best interests of the members; (c) to consult with and make recommendations to the federal wildlife and public land agencies in order that federal wildlife management programs and programs involving federal aid to the western states shall be so conducted as to be in the best interests of the western states; and (d) to serve as a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas concerning wildlife management and research techniques.   

To further our objectives, we accept government agency, corporate, industry, organizational, and individual sponsorships and booth exhibits under strict guidelines.  

While WAFWA intends to follow the guidelines described in this policy, whether to accept any sponsorship from, or affiliation with, any organization is solely within the Association’s discretion.  This policy does not create any right for any third party to sponsor or be affiliated with WAFWA, and cannot be relied on by any third party for that or any similar purpose.   

We will refuse any sponsorship or messaging that we believe is incompatible with that of our mission or the missions of our member state and provincial fish and wildlife agencies or other partners. The Association will not solicit or accept sponsorships from government agencies, corporations, organizations, or individuals whose practices, policies, or operations are deemed unacceptable and/or contrary to the values implicit in our objectives, as articulated in our mission, constitution, bylaws, resolutions and policies. 

The Association welcomes the support of sponsors or exhibitors for organizational efforts subject to the following guidelines: 

  • The Association will not accept sponsorships or exhibits that reflect in a negative manner on the Association, do not align with its mission statement, or are not in the best interest of the organization as determined by the Executive Committee, Board or Directors or their designees.
  • ​The Association will not accept sponsorships or exhibits from any entities or individuals that are opposed to fish and wildlife conservation measures, which may include having taken positions in opposition to any kind of hunting, fishing or trapping activities. 
  • ​The Association does not accept sponsorships for certain categories of products and services, including any illegal products or services (i.e. drugs and drug paraphernalia, sexual escort services) or products or services that may be considered inappropriate for, or inconsistent with, the relevant setting (tobacco products or establishments, alcohol)  as determined in the Association’s sole discretion.
  • The Association reserves the right to reject or remove a sponsor’s or exhibitor’s printed materials, booths, signage, or other commonly used materials if those materials are incompatible with the Association’s mission or the missions of our member state fish and wildlife agencies. The sponsor or exhibitor shall be asked to remove the materials.  The Association may remove the materials, but will not be responsible for damage, if the sponsor or exhibitor refuses. 
  • The Executive Secretary shall make the decisions related to the application and enforcement of the provisions of this policy and these guidelines, at his/her sole discretion.  After the Executive Secretary’s decision, an Association member may ask the Executive Secretary to refer the matter to the Board of Directors’ Executive Committee, which shall make the final decision. 
  • The Association retains complete control over any sponsored program, and sponsors shall not have any input into operational matters relating to a project they have sponsored.

Unanimously adopted by the WAFWA Executive Committee on January 26, 2016