WAFWA/CBMA Conference

The 2020 WAFWA AOW/CBMA has been cancelled due to COVID-19, however, Montana will host the event in September 2021! 

Mark your calendars for September 13-16, 2021.

Rotation Schedule

Year Host Group Host State State Representative Co-Host State State Representative
2020 WAFWA Canceled
2021 WAFWA Montana Sandy Crawford Nebraska Patrick Cole
2022 WAFWA Nebraska Patrick Cole Louisiana  
2023 CBMA Louisiana   Minnesota  
2024 WAFWA Idaho   Utah  
2025 WAFWA Utah   Kansas  
2026 CBMA Kansas   Oregon  
2027 WAFWA Oregon   California  
2028 WAFWA California   Missouri  
2029 CBMA Missouri   Texas  
2030 WAFWA Texas   Arizona  
2031 WAFWA Arizona   TBD