Lesser Prairie-Chicken

WAFWA in partnership with the states of New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas have embarked on an innovative and unprecedented approach to wildlife conservation.  This partnership began in 2012 with the Directors of the five states that are home to the Lesser Prairie Chicken (LPC) and its habitat to create a document that outlined the needs of this charismatic grouse species endemic to the five states.  This document, “The Lesser Prairie Chicken Range-wide Conservation Plan,” (RWP),  written by the states LPC interstate working group, addresses the needs of this species, establish population goals and provides a mechanism for industry to continue operating. This document brings together the different voluntary conservation programs in the high plains into a common approach to provide for both minimization and mitigation of impacts and conservation of LPC habitat.  The only plan of its kind endorsed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, it was incorporated into the Section 4(d) Special rule at the time of  listing in 2014.  Strong participation in the plan could lead to a timely delisting of the LPC.

The LPC initiative is a partnership between the five (5) LPC range states, industry; oil, gas, wind, electricity and telecommunications, and private landowners; farmers and ranchers. In addition to those USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and Farm Service Agency (FSA) as well as Conservation NGO’s like Pheasants Forever and The Nature Conservancy have joined the partnership to work towards avoiding, improving and funding conservation of LPC and its habitats.  This innovative approach has just completed the first year of implementation and WAFWA and the many partners are already seeing successes. Read our fifth annual report

The RWP provides protective assurances to participating landowners. Farmers, ranchers, and landowners may contact the following WAFWA staff to inquire about enrollment in the plan.

Interested companies can also enroll in the RWP to receive assurances for operations in the five state range of the LPC.  Please contact for more information:

LPC Program Contact
Sean Kyle

For information on the Southern Great Plains Crucial Habitat Assessment Tool (SGP CHAT) or other GIS related inquiries, please contact:

WAFWA GIS Services
Chanda Pettie
Technical Lead
Phone: 719-207-5053


For all other inquiries and general information regarding WAFWA’s implementation of the LPC RWP contact:

LPC Program Director-Chair
J.D. Strong
Director-Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation